Citizen participation

Citizen participation is a way to understand the organization of political action considering citizens’ opinions. In other words, it implies a more consistent, efficient and responsive to citizens’ needs management. This determination is based on the search for innovative public policy tools, involving more direct participation of the population.

Therefore, citizen participation is an instrument for deepening democracy because participation means contributing to good governance, bringing added value to politics due to the fact that population actively collaborates in public affairs.

A participatory government promotes the right of citizens to actively participate in shaping public policy and encourages the administration to benefit from the knowledge and experience of citizens. Consequently it promotes and guides actions that increase the role and involvement of citizens in public affairs and make political forces more intensely committed with their fellow citizens.

OGoov sections – Participation


Government proposals

Section of government proposals is an attractive mechanism through which it is possible to introduce citizenship government initiatives.

The citizen can know the content of a proposal, to be informed of the aspects of this and see their status. It also has the option to participate, present their views and discuss their points.

All these aspects end up involving the citizens themselves and allows the government open to participation.


Citizen proposals

This tool makes it easier for citizens to submit a proposal made to the government and wait for their response.

The same proposal allows the participation of other citizens and their opinion on it.

Like the section of Government, openness and involvement of all parties enriches the citizens’ initiative itself and contribution of all parties involved.


Questions and answers

This channel provides the citizen comfortable pose your questions directly to the Government.

Both the support of other citizens and their comments, favor an environment of discussion and presentation of views on the question that the government must respond.



Through this section, the Government may present to citizens for their opinions surveys and collect data through the options selected by these.

It is an effective and simple tool by which information can be collected through the results meet the public response.