OGoov: Solution for an Open Government Platform

Open Data


Public participation

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Meets the standards

Strictly complies the Technical Standard for Interoperability of Reuse of Information Resources (TSI) and therefore is able to federate in the portal datos.gob.es and in the European Data Portal. Guarantees adjustment to the UNE 178301 Smart Cities – Open Data de AENOR. It allows generate the tree of indicators from Transparency International Spain (TI). You can also include your own indicators (transparency regional laws, etc.) and show the evaluation of  TI indicators if you wish.

Tables, charts and maps

The construction of a presentation layer in WordPress to enrich the capabilities of CKAN provides a powerful user interface (the portal) for citizens and re-users. This presentation layer will allow users to view the data in a table, process and analyze information through the realization of filtered, ordering and groupings and from there, generate graphs or maps. Take your time to explore our demo and discover all the customization options.

Cloud service

The administration simply needs to focus on its basic function, make data available to citizens and business environment for which they have already paid. Of course, for more complex installations, especially those where real time data is recovered from institutional back-ends, it is perfectly possible to install the open government platform in your own data centre.


Configure your website in a short time according to the model you need: an Open Data Portal, a Transparency and Open Data Portal, a Transparency and Public participation Portal or an Open Government Portal (Transparency, Open Data and Public Participation).

Besides, Real Time Open Data (RTOD) dynamically provides datasets in nine different formats and sends one of them (RDF/XML) to a semantic server (Apache Marmotta) implementing a SPARQL endpoint and offers complete integration with Smart City platforms (FIWARE).Public