Transparency in public companies: highlights

Public companies are an important part of the operation of society. In addition, for their own public nature they must be exemplary in terms of transparency. For this reason we believe it is appropriate to make a radiography of the most relevant aspects related to the transparency of these public companies.

How open data is changing the world

Open data is more than a fad, becoming a potentially very practical tool for everyone. In what aspects is the world changing by the open data and how is it possible to measure its scope and influence? We analyze it below. The transformation capacity of society that has open data is reflected in all its […]

The 8 Open Government Data Principles

The concept of open data is so popular and is used in so many environments that it often leads to confusion, cataloguing those who should not be involved. That is why it is more than necessary to remember a series of 8 guidelines that characterize this type of information and the ones we talk about in this article.

Is data journalism possible in Spain?

Data journalism has taken a giant step in recent years, benefiting from the legal and technological measures of data openness and transparency. What is the current panorama of this journalistic branch and what do the different entities do to facilitate it? The journalistic specialty based on the collection and analysis of large amounts of data […]

State of the Open Government in provincial councils

Open Government initiatives have to reach all the ranks of the public sector, from the state, to the local and provincial, through the autonomous. What role do provincial entities play in this regard, such as councils, assemblies and island councils? We respond to this below. As we well know, the concept of Open Government is […]

Last edition of the Open Data Barometer

Many countries have committed to open data. The latest edition of the Open Data Barometer focuses on these governments to analyze if they are really taking the necessary measures and if real progress is being made in this area. Next, we analyze this latest report published by the World Wide Web Foundation. Year after year, […]