Open Government, OGoov Success Stories

At a time when data openness and transparency are values ​​that are highly demanded by citizens, the concept of Open Government becomes increasingly important. This has the objective that taxpayers help and collaborate in the creation and improvement of public services based on three main pillars: transparency, collaboration and citizen participation.

The Open Science Preservation Platform of ESFRI LIFEWATCH deployed in the Doñana Biological Reserve

Many times in the past we have stressed the importance of open data in complying with the strategies proposed by the European Union for achieving the objectives set for 2020. Today we are focusing on the work of open data for research within Europe, and more specifically, on the ICTS of the Doñana Biological Reserve, […]

The 4 most common problems to achieve transparency of governments

All governments today should aim to be as transparent as possible. This, in some occasions (more than they should), is not fulfilled for many reasons, especially for lack of interest or means. We tell you what the most common problems are and what should be done to solve them.