The 4 most common problems to achieve transparency of governments

All governments today should aim to be as transparent as possible. This, in some occasions (more than they should), is not fulfilled for many reasons, especially for lack of interest or means. We tell you what the most common problems are and what should be done to solve them.

Open Government Portal, OGoov use cases

Last week, we were discussing about the real meaning of Open Government concept, today, we want to go a step further analysing how a Open Government Portal works using as an example our Open Government Platform, OGoov.

Open Government, beyond the Open Data

Many times, Open Government get confused with Open Data due to the superfluous similarities that are between them. People think that Open Government is only to have Administration data sets available for general  public, however it is being missing to consider the core of this new governance model: the citizen. Today we will unravel the […]