YaaS: When the Citizen is the Center

The development of smart cities is already a reality in many parts of the world and, because of this concept, others have also emerged such as smart citizen, or citizen as sensor (YaaS), in which the citizen is placed as a center to enhance innovation and meet their needs, while making management more efficient. We […]

What is RTOD and why does it help cities to be smarter

In the era of data, where everything tends to open up, we continue to find ourselves challenged, making the information that is being produced on a daily basis be useful for improving the citizen’s life. In this article we tell you how RTOD (Real Time Open Data) helps cities to be smarter and with that […]

Electronic Administration, the key factor for Smart City

Electronic Administration is a fundamental aspect for the correct development of the Intelligent City or “Smart City“. Thus, regardless of the different criteria on which its design and operation are based, the city must be built according to the concerns of the inhabitants in very different areas, always from a participatory and sustainable approach.

RTOD, a walk through the future of Open Data

Every day we produce a lot of data. Cities themselves have sensors that are broadcasting real-time information, however, it is not always public. Everyone talks about the opening of the data, we are seeing more open data portals, but can you imagine what would happen if the city would produce sensors that could see open […]