Spain, the second leading European country in open data in 2019

Once again, the European Union publishes its Open Data Maturity Report, which assesses the situation of data openness in 32 countries of the continent. Among them, Spain is in the lead, a reason to be proud. We draw the most relevant conclusions from this report.

Open Government, OGoov Success Stories

At a time when data openness and transparency are values ​​that are highly demanded by citizens, the concept of Open Government becomes increasingly important. This has the objective that taxpayers help and collaborate in the creation and improvement of public services based on three main pillars: transparency, collaboration and citizen participation.

Open Data as a basis for sustainable development

As is well known, open data can be of great help to create both social and economic value. Among other fields of application, they are revealed as a great resource to do so in many different politics areas in order to promote sustainable development, that is why today we treat open data as a basis […]

Analyzing the 4 Edition of the Open Data Barometer: Conclusions and Comparisons

“It’s frustrating to see virtually no improvement since last year, and some of the first leaders turn their backs on the open agenda. This lack of progress is a missed opportunity for governments to be transparent with citizens and regain confidence. However, with some relatively simple steps, governments could drastically improve their scores. “

Open Data Barometer: the revolution of open data

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of open data to improve present and future societies, as well as the value of initiatives that proliferate around the world to consolidate their standards in order to achieve high goals. We analyzed the Open Data Barometer (OBD) report in its third edition.