Informative note: Fusion between Viafirma and Viavansi

Dear Friends:

We are pleased to announce that 2019 has entered welcoming a change that we have been planning for a long time to better respond to the needs of the market.

Our two companies located in Spain have merged into a new entity with greater innovative capacity and resources.

In a first necessary phase, on January 1, 2019, the company Viafirma S.L. was absorbed by the company from which it was born in 2009: Servicios Avanzados para las Instituciones, S.L. (Viavansi) and in a second phase, and given the prestige that the Viafirma brand has consolidated over the years in the Spanish and Latin American markets, it has been decided that the final corporate name of the company resulting from the merger will be Viafirma S.L.

The new fiscal data for contratcs and billing issues will be from this moment:

Viafirma S.L.
NIF B-91052142
Glorieta Fernando Quiñones, s / n.
Centris building, ground floor, module 8
41940-Tomares (Seville)

Take into account that for current Viavansi customers only the company’s name changes, keeping the NIF and the fiscal address.

As for the operation there is no change and we will continue to have the pleasure of serving you through the same people, email accounts, bank accounts and telephone numbers.

We would appreciate if you could send this communication to the person responsible for the administration department within your company, so that you can proceed with the internal procedures that are necessary in your systems. If you have any questions about any aspect of the merger, we will gladly assist you at 954 15 52 44.

For us in a satisfaction to continue with the commercial relationship that we maintain until now.

A cordial greeting,

Antonio Cabrera Jiménez