Launching Seville City Council Open Data Portal, supported by OGoov

Seville City Council is the institution in charge of governing the city and the municipality of Seville, Spain. This entity supports the political, economic and administrative responsibility of the municipality in collaboration with the Provincial Deputation of Seville, the Regional Government of Andalusia and the Central State Administration of Spain.

The City Council decided to implement a platform for opening, reusing and dissemination of public information generated by the city administration, facilitating, promoting and regulating the provision of public sector information for reuse by third parties, for purposes both commercial and non commercial, of course, within the framework of clear, transparent and non-discriminatory conditions.

To achieve this purpose they decide to implement an Open Data Portal supported by the Open Government Platform OGoov and adjusted to Norm UNE 178301. This platform allows citizens, businesses and organizations consume, display and disseminate open data generated by Sevillian public administration.

The Situation

The City of Seville generates a large number of data that can be useful for businesses, organizations or citizens. The openning of them can be a potential economic growth of the city and would enhance transparency, citizen participation and collaboration.

With this measure, the consistory wants to improve the satisfaction of its citizens, who can be able to build on the Open Data new ideas that lead to more information and new knowledge. Thanks to this philosophy, new processes can be improved; adding value to existing processes or even creating new services.

The municipal government decides to take a public tender the project “Minor contract for  development and implementation of an Open Data Portal for the City Council of Seville”. The solution with OGoov is the winner and develops a portal to the City Council that offers to different social agents the ability to reuse public information.

The Challenge

Seville City Council needed to implement and launch a platform for opening, reusing and dissemination of public information that it was generated. Following the example of other Spanish cities, the City Council wanted to offer an Open Data Portal to citizens, businesses and re-users.

Through this platform, the City Council improved Transparency to communicate the public management carried out and hit was accountable to citizens and businesses generating greater confidence.

The municipal government was aware that the availability of new sources of open data would give way to greater innovation, which would strengthen existing lines of business, create new services and focus on challenges and issues from other perspectives.

The portal should be set to Norm UNE 178301 on Smart Cities and Open Data of AENOR and adjust to the “Open and Agile Smart Cities” initiative.

The Strategy

With OGoov, it was developed an Open Data Portal able to provide public information to Sevillian citizens for reuse. The service included three basic points:

  • Implementation and launch of a platform for opening, reusing and dissemination of public information in Seville City Council.
  • Support to publishing data adjusted to the UNE 178301 of Smart Cities and Open Data of AENOR.
  • Consumption and visualization of data from FIWARE (A platform promoted by the European Union for the development and global deployment of Future Internet applications and Smart City).

The platform allowed generating and stimulating the economy through the possibility offered to businesses, organizations and citizens to reuse public information for its own ends.

In addition, it was guaranteed that the Open Data Portal of the City Council was conformed to the Open and Agile Smart Cities Initiative, a global proposal from the European Commission to connect cities and create a market based on the common needs of the cities and communities.

The Result

Open Data Platform of the Seville City Council has, in mid-2016, 103 open datasets and 232 distributions. These numbers are constantly growing since from the Consistory generates lots of reusable information and are continually identifying new sources of data.

The largest number of datasets is in the Public Sector, Demography, Economics and Transport. In addition, this portal offers Open Data related to other issues such as Culture and Leisure, Urban Development, Tourism, Environment, Society, Education, Science or Technology.

generate and manage the economy more efficiently, reuse information and knowledge of public policy, access information of common interest and undertake new projects reusing existing data in the Administration.

The project, developed entirely in three months, is certainly a success. If you are interested in developing a similar project to Seville City Council,  please contact us.