Gandia City Council implements an Open Government Portal supported by OGoov

Gandia City Council is the highest governmental body of municipal character of the city of Gandia, province of Valencia (Spain).

The consistory decides to carry out the necessary actions to bring its citizens all municipal information of interest. To do this, they create the Transparency and Open Data Portal of the City Council of Gandia, an Open Government Platform supported by OGoov.

With this portal, the City Council aims that citizens know better local governance while creating apps that stimulate the economy of the municipality.

Open Government Platform collects information about elected and staff positions of the consistory, details of the administrative organization, local heritage list, complete information of regulations and municipal institutions and much more information of interest to citizens, businesses and administrations.

The Situation

From Gandia City Council, arise the need to show to the citizen the interest public information generated in the Administration. The City Council wants to be accountable to the population, enterprises and organizations, as well as explain the adoption of different public policies.

To achieve this purpose, the City Council decided to develop a Transparency and Open Data Portal, as a step to allow local government to become an Open Government service of citizens. For the development of this platform they choose OGoov.

The Challenge

Gandia City Council wanted to implement an Open Government portal that allowed them to disseminate public information generated, display data of interest and inform about public policy to citizens, businesses and organizations in the city.

With this measure, the consistory would ensure a transparent and open, accessible and valuable management by all stakeholders. The objective of the City Council was accountable for the work of representatives and bringing public administration to the town of Gandia.

Transparency and Open Data Portal developed by OGoov should position the city of Gandia at the head of the Smart Cities of the Valencian Community. The council sought to generate confidence among the population and to show in a simple, intuitive and accessible portal, the measures taken on the day-to-day municipal management.

As regards Transparency, Gandia City Council wanted on its portal, besides indicators of Transparency International Spain for Municipalities (ITA2014), others appear that complement themselves.

The Strategy

With OGoov has developed an Open Government Portal arranged in two modules: Transparency and Open Data. This portal allowed Gandia City Council to meet its objectives of transparent and open management.

This portal would facilitate access to public information, encourage entrepreneurship and allow the birth of new projects by using the data generated by the Administration. The City Council would offer people the ability to access and reuse information generated continuously.

The Open Data module is developed to provide citizens, businesses and organizations information relevant to a wide range of subjects, from public sector data to financial information, through open data on Tourism, Culture, Science and Employment.

As we discussed above, as regards Transparency, it was decided to add, in addition to the indicators of Transparency International Spain for Municipalities (ITA2014), some own indicators that complement the first. Thus, the consistory gets to go a step beyond that contained in current legislation.

The Result

The Open Data module of the Open Government Portal has, in mid-2016, 10 datasets and 25 distributions. These numbers are kept in continuous growth as they go identifying new reliable sources of data.

Open datasets on the Public Sector or Economy are the most numerous. But, there are Employment, Tourism, Science and Demographics datasets, among others.

This Open Government Portal supported by OGoov for Gandia City Council allows:

  • Comply with the Transparency Law. The Consistory may communicate the public management and be accountable to citizens, local businesses and other organizations, which generates greater confidence. Thanks to the fulfilment of International Transparency indicators and to the introduction of own transparency indicators; Gandia has become a more transparent city in public service management.
  • Stimulate the economy. Thanks to the Open Data module of the Platform, the City Council, citizens and businesses could be more efficient in managing their resources, as they can reuse information and eliminate duplicate expenses.
  • Re-use the information generated by the Administration. The continuous information generated by the City Council can be very useful for other organizations, companies, entrepreneurs and even for the citizens. With the Open Data module, the Administration gives his work to the people in order to reuse it freely. It also allows fulfilled what was stated in the Transparency Law when it is asked to expose the data in reusable formats.
  • Undertake and innovate. A transparent and open management generates a lot of reliable and very practical data to undertake new projects. Knowing some public information could allow businesses or citizens to reinforce some business lines, creating new challenges or focusing from another perspective.

This Open Government Portal allows Gandia City Council to comply with the Law 19/2013, of 9th December, about Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance, which aims to broaden and strengthen the transparency of public activity, regulate and guarantee the right of access to information and establish a good governance that must fulfil the public authorities, while complying with the Law 37/2007 of 16th November, about the reuse of public sector information.

The deployment of this platform is another step on Transparency, Good Governance and Reuse of Information, based on the premises of an Open Government.

This is a successful case of development of an Open Government Portal deployed from the OGoov platform. If you are interested in a similar project as the Gandia City Council, please contact us.